Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A little cream with that Coco!

Three days in to my Christmas break and I must admit I am having a great time! My poor old Janome MC9000 died a few months back and I got a new machine  a few weeks back so had promised myself lots of sewing time over my break. I am trying to use up stash as well as make things that are useful to my wardrobe. So looking back over the things that I had made in the past and worn the most Coco by Tilly and the Buttons is a definite favourite!
I bought some gorgeous cotton jersey from Fabric Galore when I was at the knitting and stitching show back in November . I also bought a remnant  of two tone grey for a Heather dress which had quite a good meterage and last but not least a beautiful  red stretchy stuff that I bought on my local market as a remnant for a £1 back in the summer. All were destined to be some sort of Coco!
I made the cotton jersey up first and it took the most time, the pattern states that if you are between sizes make the bigger one and cut down. I did that with my earlier ones and I did it again this time, I still think it is probably a little baggy, but will be perfect for comfortable, cosy weekends around the house.

The next one was the red I took the plunge and cut down the pattern and I just love this version! It is so cheerful and just a little bit festive. It is looks effortlessly dressed up which is always good! DD says that she thinks it is only good for Christmas but I am hoping I will get lots of wear out of it during the winter.

I still had a bit of the red left over and it seemed like a shame to waste it so I decided to make a two tone version . I cut out the Heather dress and using the left overs made the Coco skirt.
 Now I do love a bargain and I was really pleased with how this version turned out, and that would have been more than enough, but then this morning Tilly and the Buttons liked this version too.
I couldn't resist a whoop whoop at that. Even if  I do look a bit star trek in it.

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