Sunday, January 21, 2018

Stashbusting Hetty ( or my Christmas Cast on)

So once I have wrapped all the presents, waited for Father Christmas , fed the family and cleared up my Christmas Tradition for the last nine years has been to cast on a sweater or cardigan for myself. 

Now they haven't always been completed , several have hit the frog pond but this years is a delight!

I am trying very hard to cull both my fabric and yarn stashes as both are rather large, mainly with oddments, but large none the less!

This lovely yellow was left on a cone from a tunic dress that I made back in 2011 it wasn't entirely flattering and I think I ended up giving it away. Anyway there wasn't much yarn left, about 350g , so when I went stash diving I thought it would be great for Hetty.

I have now made Hetty twice, the first version didn't get blogged about or any photos either really, again it was left over yarn and I have worn it lots! This one is even better.

Oh how I love this little cardigan! Because I knew I had a little more yarn than the last time I lengthened both the sleeves and the body and it feels like it is a very flattering shape. I have to confess the decreases on the sleeves are a bit odd as I misread the pattern and kind of made them up , but they seem to work ok.  I love the colour it is just so sunny and joyful and  I finished it with about 50g left over which I plan to use in something else.

 When I cast off I didn't really think it could get much better then I found these cute little wooden heart buttons. Completely adorable!

So that is my first cardigan of the year and with the exception of the buttons it was all from stash.I am working on my other wip and I have been stash diving for February's cast on. I am looking forward to starting although I already know I will probably have to buy a bit of yarn for that.

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