Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sunny Dress/Tunic

Evening all,as you probably read I am taking part in the instagram challenge of #Sewmystyle2018 and January's pattern  was the Sunny dress/Top it is a very basic Jersey Dress pattern from the Friday Pattern Company. It  is really a summer type dress or top and I would have to say with the shaped hem neither version are really my style but I figured as it was the first of the 12 patterns I would give it a go.  I am trying to work some of this challenge from stash. This one is  some wool jersey that I got given when I met up with the #sixdodewsbury a group of six   lovely ladies that I met at Sew up North. I made the medium for this version which was pretty much exactly my measurement and then added a neckband as I felt without it , the neckline would be very low.

I think it turned out OK and I have had some compliments for it. I think it would probably make quite a good layering piece as it is quite warm over leggings and boots .... but I just don't love it!
I think the sleeves are the wrong length and too wide and because of that  honestly don't know how much wear it will get.

Anyway not to be beaten I decided to go to the Monday market and some lovely red velour caught my eye.  I needed something to wear to a presentation evening  and I decided  a red  party dress was just what I needed. This time I lengthened it and got rid of the curved hem. I went down a size so it is very clingy and I extended the sleeves to wrist length.

I think I could of probably taken more off the width of the sleeve and as the photos prove I should of probably made them three quarter length as without fail I end up pushing them up! I am quite pleased with this version. It is comfy and easy to wear which is my favourite type of clothing. So there you go two very different dresses from one very basic pattern. Which is your favourite? Did you make one? I would love to see!

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