Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Feeling Virtuous!

My New years resolution was to finish stuff! I started this about 6 years ago for my Elenya, my eldest but it got stashed when the twins were born. As you can see there was only about 4 inches on the sleeves and cuffs,collars and buttonbands to do. I pulled it out of its bag the day I finished the Debbie Bliss cardigan. I couldnt actually remember which cardigan it was that I was knitting - I had originally thought it was the one on the front cover of the book so that took a little while to sort out. The yarn for it was bought before all the internet shopping and is mainly acrylic - a shocker after Alpaca and silk. The next shocker was on Sunday when I realised I had lost one of the fronts. After ringing around everyone I had seen in the week it was retrived from a Cafe on monday morning. Lucky aren't I? Anyway here it is in its newly sewn, unpressed, unwashed state, with its new owner! She thinks she is wearing it tomorrow to school..........


  1. You were lucky to retrieve your front!

    Lovely jumper and model...are her legs that colour as a reaction to the acrylic??? :-)

  2. lol Oriana is a bit of a fashion victim and has tight more lurid than those!

  3. It looks lovely and it's fab that Oriana likes it and is keen to wear it.
    I can't cope with you being so virtuous though, must try and lead you astray.....


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