Friday, July 06, 2007


I am supposed to be being good. But Yesterday when I was wandering around blogland I stubbled onto the Yarn Harlots blog and she had just written about Mystery Stole three and how she had been bamboozled into joining. I thought well it can't possibly harm to have a look. Anyway the upshot is I joined, bought more yarn from woolly workshop( I will show you this when it arrives) and bamboozled someone else into joining with me. It wouldn't be so bad but the Kal I started last August the butterfly is still at the frill stage. I also bought a shawl to make when I went to Harrogate in the autumn and I haven't even wound that into balls, so the chances of me blazing ahead with this and not starting other stuff is probably not great.It is in the form of 7 clues the second of which comes out today. If you want to join in this is the last day to sign up I hate working charts but clue one looks fairly straight forward so hopefully I will be good and get on with it.


  1. I was really tempted as well as the first part that I've seen on peoples blogs is beautiful.

    However I have loads of WIP's that need to be finished with deadlines & one is over due so managed to talk myself out of it.

    I can't wait to see yours.

  2. It seems there is still plenty of time in the week to do other "things" and I quite enjoy having to wait for each clue.

    The beads are the easiest thing to put on - there is a tutorial here
    but you do need a very small crochet hook.

  3. I joined also last week. I don;t know though, I love lace but it usually takes me forever to get through it. I have Lorna's Laces lace yarn in a soft pink (I know it's not the colour of choice), I have it on hand and don't plan to spend anymore on lace yarn I may or may not knit up.


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