Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh summer loving!

Here is me wearing a dandelion and a butterfly skirt and the sun came out for the piccy. I finished the cardigan last week and the two skirts I was making today. The skirt fabric I bought from Crista's Quilts on a whim a couple of months ago it is so bright and happy just the thing for summer days. I tried a couple of patterns before I settled on Butterick 4461. The sizing on the pattern is a little strange but the finished skirt is exactly what I was wanting.The Dandelion christened my lovely Britany needles that I bought a couple of months ago and I have to say they are fantastic!! I don't know about other knitters but I like to try knitting with my eyes shut (just incase I ever lose my sight I will still be able to knit) and you know you can knit whole rows with these lovely needles because they don't stick at all!! I have cast on Saffron from also from Rowan mag 41 and they are long enough to hold both front and back fantastic, sorts my urge for two at a time! I am knitting it in Carmen Rowan Handknit cotton which was also in my stash and will go with the other skirt I just made. Why may you ask am I casting on more stuff when I am making ms3. Well my lovely yarn seems to have been lost in the post. The woolly Workshop has sent me out another lot today so hopefully I will get something tomorrow and I can start clue 1 before clue 3 is released. If they don't arrive tomorrow it will be next week as we are expecting an other postal strike on Friday.

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