Friday, July 06, 2007

Rowan Exchange Bag Pattern

The bag that I made was based on Amanda's Squatty on knitting daily but my eyes started to glaze over when I read the pattern so it became this made up pattern:- chunky wool from coldspring mill knitted double. It is equivelent to Rowan Polar in weight. on 10mm straights cast on 15 sts. garter stitch till you like the length. I think it was 60 rows pick up stitches on 7mm circ 30ish on the long sides 15 on the short. every other row k2tog at first corner ssk at second corner(so the decreases lean in on the shorter sides.) stop when you think it is big enough. Cast off. cast on 5st knit until long enough to go over your arm cast off. Cast on 5sts knit till will go over top of bag as closure add magnetic clasp and crocheted flower ( I am not very good at this so the two flowers are stitched together.)It is all very quick I finished it in less than a day.

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