Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Yesterday was my birthday. Quite a sedate affair for me as I was minding all day. I had a yummy afternoon tea shared with good friends we ate huge quantities of Argentian apple cake, strawberries, cream, and scones. The children made me a birthday cake which we finished off this afternoon Elenya read the whole recipe herself so I literally did nothing towards it except put it in the oven.
I love handmade gifts and I got two, this beautiful wall hanging from little blue tortoise. She is making a lovely block of the month quilt for herself and when I saw the poppies pattern for August several months ago I put a big hint in - I didn't really think she would make it. Anyway the poor thing is going to get feelings of deja vu as she makes the same again for her quilt.

J made me the pumpkin lady who is just so cute she stands about 6 inches tall and is all felted. I would have loved to try this process but it involves sponge which I am totally phobic about so that is never going to happen. It makes ms pumpkin all the more special!

I also realised I have been blogging for a year, eek that went fast. For anyone thinking of starting their own blog I would definately recommend it you don't realise how much you have accomplished until you write it down!

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