Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh I am gonna be joyful now!

It has been a bit of a strange week. Because many of the children I mind have parents working shifts I ask that they let me know from what time in the morning they are going to need me by sunday evening at the latest. Monday morning arrived and my mum took my two littlest off to Scarborough for the day. I hadn't heard from either family on Sunday and by 9.45 there wasn't any sign of anyone. So I decided to get a train to Scarborough and meet my children on the beach. I am glad I did it is the stuff that memories are made off. When they were told that they could have a ride on the donkeys, Inigo said "Oh I am gonna be joyful now!"

Tuesday morning one family turned up and the other family hadn't so I phoned them they didn't answer so we went to the park and had a wonderful day playing in the sun. When we got home the mum had left a message saying that they wanted me to work Thursday and Friday. I am only contracted Monday to Thursday for them and although I have minded for them on a friday before it has been as a favour. But, as they hadnt let me know what hours they had wanted this week and the fact the dad had thought it hilarious that his child had tripped me up last week I said no I couldn't do Friday. The mum said fair enough could I do wednesday instead and I said yes. Then the dad rang and yelled at me. I should cut him some slack he was striking on Friday ( he is a postman but never works friday) and did I really think I should be paid a week's money for one day's work. I told him he had a contract for four days and if he chose not to use them that really wasn't my fault at which point he slammed the phone down. I was shaking and upset but the mum phoned and apologised and said was I still ok for wednesday, they would be at my house at 6.45.
9.00 wednesday morning the mum phones and asks if we are going out as her child is still in bed. I said we were but I would wait for them. 9.30 came and she rang again and asked could she meet us in the park. I said yes and told her where we would be. Then she rang five minutes later to say she would look after her child herself that day and would I be ok for 6.45 thursday.
7.10 on thursday morning they turned up. We were on our way to the duck pond when the child anounces that he is getting a new childminder. As soon as I got home I wrote my resignation. I gave it to the dad when he picked up, I have given four weeks notice but, I hope that they don't turn up again. I was shaking when I did it but, I think I have definately done the right thing.
This morning the sun is shining, I have finished Saffron, Clue 5 for MS3 is due and Tigger has been playing with water balloons and now with yarn. All is good with the world.


  1. It looks like a fun day was had at the seaside, and who wouldn't be joyful to ride a donkey. I am glad that you had a perfect day with your two little ones.

    Yes, you did the right thing, talk about playing you about. They are on, they are off, this hour, that hour, you are well rid of them. I don't think you could have been any more accommodating than you were, they had a contract with you and you were living up to your end of it, to bad they didn't have the same consideration.

    Let the sun shine, have a peaceful Friday, the MS3 is turning out lovely, big hug.

  2. Me again, did you knit your daughters lovely hoodie, the colours are so ice creamy? If you did can you let me know the pattern name?

  3. Arianwen - thank you, I will take a look at the Debbie Bliss - it seems very sweet and summery. I am always attracted to colour first and then texture and design.

  4. I think I would have done exactly the same thing. They aren't respecting your role & abiding by 'the rules' by letting you know when they want your services. Let their annoying child be someone elses problem!

  5. Lovely photos of the kids and Tigger. It's good you all had such a great day out at Scarborough. I agree with Isobel, the knitted hoodie is gorgeous.
    Well done for being asserive with the childminding, it's just a shame that you have to go through all this stress ;-(

  6. Yikes, what drama! This is always the stuff that makes childminding so stressful - the parents, usually not the children. Sigh. I did childcare for 5 years, and then stopped. I am about to resume childcare this fall, and that is the kind of stuff I dread. :0) Glad you stuck to your guns, though!

  7. thanks for the Knitty pattern, I really like the hoody cardigan, this might be it.


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