Friday, August 10, 2007

Sleeping bunny

This is jewel, we are on rabbit sitting duty for some friends. I left the children in charge of her earlier whilst I cleaned out her cage and came back to find Oriana rocking her like a baby. She didn't seem to mind.
Finally a photo of Saffron and it's skirt. People seem to be falling into two camps love it - hate it. Mario hates it, says the front panel is pointless. I was a bit unsure when it was finished that it would either be too hot or too cold but actually it is quite comfy I think I will probably wear it mainly with jeans rather than a skirt but you never know!


  1. I think it's great! I often wear my clothes with jeans when they were meant for a skirt, or vice versa. :0)

  2. I like the top ~ the colours of the silica damask do work well with it ~ i normally just end up sticking to the colours in a pattern as i am not always very good at matching them up. I love the skirt ~ did you make that also?

  3. I saw your comment in my blog. The Dragone I’ll resume knitting, is the Heere Be Dragone Shawl of Sharon Winsauer. I started knitting it this spring and will continue knitting soon – I hope.

    I like your blog – cute cat :-)

    Best AnneB

  4. Rocking the bunny!!!! That is so sweet and cute. I like the top. When I read the comment you left on my blog it made me very happy to hear you had been reading it since the beginning of MS3. Thanks for your thoughts. I don't believe any decision will be easy either. Again, thanks.

  5. Rocking the bunny - how sweet! :-) The top looks great - I hadn't seen that design before. Congratulations, you tied with another winner in my 'desk' competition. Please see details on my blog!


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