Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cherie Amour

I wasn't going to have a lot of things on the go before the sos but hey.This is just lovely.

I started it on sunday and I am just about to switch needles for the very fitted waist. I am knitting three strands together and the colour is amazing just the thing for autumn, I have put a deadline of Nov 5 on it as I really think it is perfect for bonfire night. Work is very hectic - lots of money to buy more wool - did I say that?? The upshot seems to be that I seem to only be able to manage a couple of rows in the evenings before my bed calls me. Luckily it seems to be growing really nice and fast. which is just as well as the SOS starts tomorrow!!


  1. heather2:48 pm

    Fabulous colour - and I like the stitch pattern too. What is it ? :0)

  2. Yes..ditto - me too echoing Heather!

    It looks lovely.

  3. I love the colour. You are being very cryptic, lol, this is the jumper from knitty, yes?

  4. Yep this is the knitty jumper.

  5. The Knitty jumper looks lovely. Beautiful warm shade, gorgeous textural stitch and cosy looking, too. Will be perfect for bonfire night. Hope you finish on time!


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