Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Isadora Duncan Eat your heart out!

I know it has been a little quiet on the blog front, time seemed to run away from me not that I have a lot to show for it. I got my invite from Ravelry ( I nearly missed it as my email ate it as spam) for any of you who haven't joined yet it really is fantastic. Free patterns,links to thousands of other patterns which you can queue up for things you would like to make in the future and wool information plus loads more. Browsing has taken up quite a bit of time as I dream of all the things I could be making.
I managed to pull something in my shoulders and neck so ended up having to take a break from knitting which lasted nearly a week. It has been suggested that it could be down to how I was reading my lace chart.I say nearly because one morning Inigo said he needed a hat so I whipped this one up to give to him at the end of school. He was absolutely chuffed to bits jumping around the playground shouting "my mummy made me this hat! " It really is nice to be appreciated.

I finished the last clue of Secret of the Stole on Sunday. I still don't know the theme of it but apparently all will be revealed on Friday. Let me tell you -it is long. The last few clues felt like I was wrestling with a giant anaconda it would insist on twisting around on itself and trying to choke the life out of my yarn. I haven't actually measured the length but whilst blocking it took all of Elenya's bedroom floor. It is really quite lovely and very unusual it has crossed swords in clue 6 so my end guess is escalibur as I thought the begining clues looked a bit like light on water when looking at other people's work.

The final perk of the last couple of weeks was my trip to Harrogate on Saturday. I went armed with a shopping list this year as last time I ended up buying loads that I didn't need. In fact nothing that I bought last year has actually got finished how bad is that. The interweaves pattern book I hadn't intended to buy but it just kind of called to me. The other one I did. The yarn is a bit dreary but there are a couple of amazing patterns I had seen it advertised on the back of a couple of the knitting magazines one in particular caught my eye though a picture of it escapes me.

Well a girl can never have enough sock wool and this is nice........

Buttons for the Tilted Duster- they are bigger than stated in the pattern but I think they will look really striking - if not I will have to think again.

These weren't on my list either but I thought the kids would like a pair of these each and they are quick and easy knitting which is always good.

The only thing that I didnt manage to get was the wool for Venezia pullover from last winters Interweave. I had envisaged being able to play with the different balls of wool which was why I hadn't already bought the stuff on line. Anyway I was disbused of that idea and ended up shelling out £8 for a shade card. They did however have another pattern Autumn Rose also by Eunny Jang which is a really sexy shape. I now have that book on order from amazon. I will decide when it gets here which one I am going to cast on.

The photo isn't great but,this is a really amazing xmas bauble. I saw them last year and was tempted. Anyway the upshot was when I got home I wished that I had bought it so here it is(maybe get around to it for next year!!

This fabric was for the reindeer quilt on the front on this months quilt mania. The idea of using the kids hands for antlers appeals to me. I shall try and draw around them over the next couple of weeks even if I don't get it finished for this year.It will be nice to have a record of their hands as they are now. Elenya is so close to being a teenager she probably would object next year anyway.

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