Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oops I forgot to post!

I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last post. I seem to have had a terrible cold for several weeks with a cough that I just can't shift. I have dusted off my sewing machine and have several christmas inspired projects ( I have to say the quilt mania magazine has a lot to answer for) started hopefully that will be finished in time for christmas there are somethings that have been completed but I would have to say I have started more than I have finished!
The finished projects in order of appearance are an Advent Calender for my friend's little boy Tobey.
I had a jag of making these about 3 years ago when I made for all the children I knew but, that was before Tobey was born. His mum put in a request last year but I couldn't find a nice one.This one was waiting for me in my local shop funny how that sometimes works. It only took me an evening to put this calender together. Though I have to say by the time I got around to posting it advent was already under way. It's late arrival hasn't stopped it from being popular with Tobey!

From Santa with Love Quilt. You might remember this from last year, I just ran out of time so put it away. I am really glad I did as I have come to it fresh and the embellishments that I found to go on it are perfect. I think I have mastered machine quilting though it doesn't look proffessional yet the tension is right which is a vast improvement on what has gone before. I am putting my new found skills to use on Anna's Starrey night another quilt from earlier in the year.

The Harrogate slippers are finished, you wouldn't think 24 rows could take so long but they were not very interesting to knit just garter st also I was a couple of rows short on both Oriana's and Inigo's so had to send off for some more yarn which was really annoying. Elenya has the stripey, Inigo the red and Oriana has the flowers. It took three machine washes to get them to the right size and Elenya's are still a little big I would have to say that the sizes are over generous. The children love them however, and my mum and the childminded children are also looking longingly!
I have cast on Gretel by Yolanda in the Lang SilkDream wool and silk I bought in Belgium earlier in the year aren't I good using stash.


  1. I have always loved your quilt work, I wish I could manage a sewing machine better than just hemming.

    As for the socks, this is the yarn
    100% Luxury Merino Fingering Weight
    420 yds, 4 oz. hank
    Machine washable, but for best results, hand wash in cold water.
    Needles: Size 1-2 US, 2.25 - 2.75mm

    I haven't finished the first sock yet and am seriously thinking about frogging back to the snowflakes and knitting everything after that on smaller needles - the foot is huge and I have wide feet so that's saying a lot.

    Thanks for the site for the Gretel pattern - I just ordered the elephant.

    If I dont' get a chance I want to wish you a Happy Christmas and safe holiday season, I wish I had little ones again it's never quite the same when they grow up and lose the magic.

  2. Casey6:50 pm

    Wow these quilts are amazingly beautiful x Willow still completely loves hers x


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