Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meet Valentine.

Another half term bites the dust and the kids have gone back to school. During half term the weather was fluctuating between cold and unseasonably warm. I decided to pack away all of the wool and get busy with summer projects as soon as the Tilted Duster was finished. The duster will be complete by the end of today and it is freezing cold fog outside and as I write it has started to snow. Not really condusive to thinking about summer knitting. So I think I will spend the rest of February finishing stuff ( I have one or two Kals on the go!)

This is Valentine, I bought him as a kit last year when we went to Belgium. I have bought one for the last couple of years when we have been over. Each one has sat about until it is nearly time for us to go again, I won't let myself have a bear stash! I finished sewing him on the 14th but didn't complete him until the 15th. He is the smallest bear I have made and because of that had to be hand sewn. The kids love him and I have to say I think he is pretty cute. There really is something very gratifying about making bears.
The latest hat is Elenya's. I have a feeling I forgot to increase after the rib but, I didn't notice until I cast off anyway she seems to like it.Which is the main thing. It is made from a stray ball of Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk that I had left over and it matches the very nice scarf her friend bought her from primark.
I have a couple more hats I would like to make for the February loose knit challenge.Another Beret, this time for Shannon the friend who bought the scarf and also at least one for my pot luck pressies

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