Sunday, February 03, 2008

The selfish knitter.

I have had quite a busy knitting week. The tilted duster has come out of hibernation and is now chugging along quite nicely. There is nothing like a cold snap concentrate the mind. I have nearly finished clue 2 of the Spring Shawl Surprice. The reason I am on a go slow is that I have had a change of heart.
1.I really like it.
2.I really would like to own it.
3.We are finally many years after the event. Having a honeymoon and I think this is just the thing to take with me.
4.It is too difficult to ever contemplate knitting again!
Because of this I have started the Secret of the Stole ii to give to Mario's aunt.Which although equally pretty is ten times easier so if I decide I want one.I won't balk at the idea of casting it on. I have added beads but I am still un decided whether they will stay. It may well be gilding the lily!

The loose knit group are making hats for February, I have made mine already. Trouble is I like that too much as well and have decided to keep it for myself.
I have cast on another as a present already but Elenya has got first dibs on that. At this rate of going I am going to have knit a whole lot of hats before anything reaches the pot luck pressie box!
Winter came and went in the space of a day. We were so busy that we missed it but, Azrael and Gobbolino had great fun running about and jumping on each other. This is them trying to look dignified!


  1. Heather7:32 pm

    Lovely colour for the stole :0) I'm watching out for your Tilted Duster as it's one I've been thinking about too !

  2. I am chuckling, I find it hard to part with some knitting gifts too, I think we put so much of ourselves into them, especially lace. The stole is looking lovely.


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