Monday, February 02, 2009

Ah Precious Snow Day!

Like most of the country we woke up this morning to beautiful white. It is the first really thick snow we have had since moving to Yorkshire over eleven years ago. There is probably 4 inches outside my front door All the local schools are shut and Mario has worked from home. The kid's day has been filled with sledging, snowballs and hot chocolate.
Mine with crochet! Inspired to make a bag similar to the one on Attic24 I pulled out my oddments of handknit cotton yesterday and started to play. I am not sure that I like the colours. I am not sure that I have enough but, it is bright and it is crochet which are things I seem to be craving at the moment and if at the end it isn't for me I shall add it to this year's gifts. Hopefully someone will love it.

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