Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Last of the Christmas Gifts

I finished whooohoooo. I didn't make my deadline of the the 31st mainly because I had got it into my head that the last day of the month was Sunday. Very surprised I was too to find that when I was filling in the blanks on my Ravelry account that I had lost a day.
I am quite pleased with these gifts in that they are all from stash yarn (though not all mine!) The gloves are the last of the Rowanspun tweed that I made my february hat and Juno.The Blackberry yarn was in J's stash so I offered to make her the blackberry for xmas. The sleeves on this are slightly cropped due to a lack of yarn but, actually make it really cute. I am assured that it is lovely and warm which when all is said and done, the main thing! In fairness to me, the gloves and the Blackberry have been finished for some time but, I wanted to give them out at the same time as the Selbu Modern.

The Selbu Modern didn't want to play. I was ready to start this weeks before christmas but I couldn't get hold of the right sized needles I would have loved some addi turbo's but love nor money didn't seem to want to turn up a couple of pairs of these. I finally surcummbed to knitpicks. It was hate at first stitch! I managed to pierce my finger (who on earth thinks needles need to be that sharp-I'm not sewing with them)every other stitch resulted with me being stabbed in the same spot. Not much fun. I had knit about a quarter of it when a little voice started whispering "it's too small"
"Of course it's not too small!" I muttered under my breath "I will take it carefully off of the needles and prove to you that it isn't too small!" Well if the recipient had been a doll it would have been perfect. I then took a deep breath and ripped it out and went up a needle size using my lovely addi's which don't hurt and it was a lovely quick knit and hopefully a good present. I still want one for myself but I think I might do it in a dk yarn rather than a 4ply so that is a lot more slouchy.

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