Monday, March 09, 2009

Remembering to smell the flowers.

I was sort of dreading 500g of moss stitch scarf. I mean you can't exactly go fast and rush onto the next project. The rhythmic knit and purl take time...lots of time.Relaxing, enjoyable, time. I was about half way through when I kind of had an epiphany.
I spent ten wonderful years being a SAHM. Now I am working, mainly at home so I still give the illusion to myself and many around me that I am still SAHM but definitely working. Yet I still try and fit in as much sewing and knitting as I did when my children were really tiny- you can get a lot done at nap time. I read blogs by SAHM and feel that my crafting exploits are inadequate(my housework definitely is).
Knitting Jondy's scarf gave me clarity.
Re reading the blogs that I love I realise that it is not that these great ladies achieve more than me but that their blogs exude calm, careful words and pictures. They are not continually rushing onto the next project. It isn't work. It shouldn't have deadlines.
At this moment I have just under ten knitting and crochet projects and several quilting projects on the go. I have decided to finish all of them before I start anything else and I am going to take as much time as I need to enjoy them. To enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed knitting a simple scarf.

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