Monday, March 23, 2009

Amy Butler Lotus Tunic

Technically it isn't really finishing if you have only washed the fabric and cut out the pattern but, as I had cut the pattern out twice as I had ummed and ahhed over the size I felt it deserved finishing.
This is the first Amy Butler Pattern that I have used (though not the only one I own).After the initial struggle about sizes-the reason for this being that I don't go in and out the way her patterns do. I have to say what a good pattern! Very easy instructions. The only things I would do differently would be put a double notch at the back of the sleeve head so it is easier to remember which way the sleeves go in (I am still not sure that I got it right). I wouldn't put interfacing in the belt,it has made it as stiff as a board and very un yielding you certainly wouldn't want that tied around your middle. Hopefully it will become softer with washing.

The things I did differently, well I didn't line it, for starters I have no idea where you can buy the muslin that she asks for and I also thought it would probably make it too warm in the summer.
I also didn't add the hook and eye at the neck. It always stresses me virtually to the point of hyperventilation when I can't get my necklace undone. I figured that doing a zip up down the middle of my back would be bad enough without struggling with hook fastenings.

I would like to make another of these at some point. There are two more lengths to play with as well as a sleeveless. Also there are so many lovely Amy Butler fabrics (many of them are already in my stash)So maybe more than one! Of course that will be when I have done a little more finishings.

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