Monday, February 23, 2009


Well that was quick!I'm back from lovely sunny London.Just before I left I finished my crochet bag. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out,especially as it was really just an experiment with using stuff up.I didn't give it to Pinkie but turned it into project bag as it is just the right size to hold the hexagon blanket. London was a wonderful rest and yet very stimulating. In four days I packed in a lot. I started my Hyacinth Ripple proper on the train down and was quite pleased with my progress managing two stripes. I arrived on Thursday and after lunch we went to find Loop in Islington
I had allocated about three hours to be there but it was a lot smaller than I imagined, Then Jondy and I went to a knit and knatter at iknit where I mucked up my blanket! I met up with Stash, Cakemix and PrincessPea we knit,knattered drank gin and tonics and ate chocolate (what a fabulous place -I really would like to live there!)I was very restrained on buying only a ball of sock yarn (Lang wool and silk) which is a pressie for my mum, who says she would like to make some socks, left the shop with me though it could easily have been suitcases worth.
On Friday a trip to Liberty's Jondy fell in love with Rowan Cocoon in Kiwi and he bought 5 balls,I have promised him a scarf in moss st which is apparently just what he wanted.
We then took a tour of the Royal Academy to look at the Byzantium Exhibition and then we went out to dinner with some other friends. On Saturday we took a trip to the Victoria and Albert museum (my favourite) to look at the costumes of the Tzar's. Where I bumped into my friend Debs who lives down the road from me here at Denby Dale. Just shows what a small world it is. Then we had a quick wander around Covent Garden before going to listen to a lovely, string quartet concert in Bloomsbury. On Sunday we took a wild whizz around Camden Market before rushing to catch the train home.
When I got back DollyDimple had tagged me

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1.I am phobic about synthetic foam it brings on a gag reflex.I get the same feeling when putting on nylon tights after I have just got out the bath.
2.I started out left handed but, now do everything with my right,Though if you saw me knit or crochet you can see I lead with my left.
3.I can do this with my toes which no one else in the family can manage.

4.I always read before bed.It only has to be a page but otherwise I can't sleep.
5. I never remember book Titles or Authors. It is only the story that counts.
6. If I don't get something crafty done in the day it makes me really restless and out of sorts like there is something missing.Which also means that everyone around me needs to take cover because I am going to be moody!

My choice of victims(er I mean bloggers) are

Damn,Knit and Blast it
Attic 24
Only do it if you want to!

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