Sunday, March 29, 2009


This started ten months ago, a quick use it up project. I was sick of looking at the blue in my stash. I had a cone of pink in my stash. They seemed to work reasonably well together and although the photo in the book Little Knits was fairly appalling it looked quite cute.
I figured I would make the largest size available and see which daughter it fit when it was finished. I started with the back and it really was swift a day at most. Then I decided I would knit two sleeves and then two fronts. A great plan! I just couldn't be bothered to wind the cone into two balls so the project was shelved. I got it back out a week or so ago and wound the cone into two really not that difficult if you don't get sidetracked onto other things. In fact the only fiddle was attaching the ribbons.
It might have fit Elenya but with the sleeves turned back it is perfect for Oriana and she loves it! It was being worn as I put the ribbons on. It was forcibly removed when she was eating hotdogs and ketchup last night as I pleaded that it stayed clean till I had least taken some photos.Since the photos were taken it has been draped around her waist as we went up the road. It has been held out behind her like a cape and as a dollies blanket. I wish that I had finished it earlier, especially when I see the pleasure that Oriana is getting from it. As for the blue and the pink well I still haven't used it all so I will have to bury it at the very bottom of my stash!

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