Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helon Back On The Hook

I realise after titling this piece that you didn't know that it had been on the hook in the first place. There is a reason for this. Just after I finished my own Helon. Elenya requested one, she was very excited about it and paraded up and down in my version even though it was several sizes to big for her. I dutifully started it even though there wasn't much fun it something that I had completed less the a month before. The shaping seemed less than smooth and each stitch seemed to be a struggle. I finished the back in record time but when I held it up to her it looked massive, and the shape looks a little wierd -top heavy. I just stashed it while I thought about ripping the whole thing out.
6months later it looks like it might fit, though I am still unsure about the shaping! I had already completed the bottom lace for the front so it really isn't taking long to do the front and I am enjoying it.
Though I have promised myself no more deadlines, we have a wedding reception to go to in a couple of weeks and it would be nice if she could wear it for that.

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