Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Handmade Happiness...Pass it on!

Last week I was reading smilernb blog, where she was taking part in "handmade for you by me" a clever little thing that is touring the blogging world. Smilernb was offering gifts to five people. I was lucky enough to be a recipient, and my cute little parcel arrived this morning.
I have to say I have been thoroughly spoilt.
My favourite is the little owl, who has been named Wol. Smilernb had made some of these a week or so ago and I was really loved up when I saw them. Wol is going to live outside Oriana's new bedroom once it is decorated and she has been ensconsed(but more about that in a later post).

As I don't cross stitch I am always impressed by anyone who has the patience for it but, I think she must be really quick if all of her giftees got one of these. The notebook will be incredibly useful as I now carry one constantly at work and it is always nice to have a posh one!

She made soap!! How impressive is that.

and the chocolate goodies were delicious.
Anyway now it is my turn, if you would like a gift from me leave a comment and the first five will get a little something handmade by me.

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