Monday, December 07, 2009

More procrastination or clear the slate?

There has been simply tons of knitting action here. Hundreds of yards of yarn have spun from the ball, wrapped the needle and fallen as the stitch.As the last stitch has been cast from the needle, the last end sewn in I have cast on something else. Unfortunately the weather is dark! It has been dark for what seems like months. Photos taken both inside or out look like they were posed for in a cave. Which puts me off taking them or organising someone to take them. On a clear day a couple of weeks ago, the photos were taken - they are passable. But, there are so many, so many things to talk about, to tell you about. Rather than composing tangible thoughts it really is easier to cast on something else. So there is only one thing for it. Give you everything clear the slate. Before I cast off again.
Ronnie I found this pattern when I was in Canada and thought it perfect for Inigo as a rough and ready playing out sweater. It was pretty slow going with all of that rib.The yarn a cone from coldspring mill bled terribly blue staining both my hands and needles. I had to leave it alone between each section as the extra hand washing involved chapped hands and fingers It was worth it he loves it.
The next knit off the needles was Everglade in Rowan Cashsoft Dk as a birthday present for my neice. This was a weekly mystery. A few rows for three weeks. I love knitting in this yarn it is so soft and warm and I am reliably informed that it is already much loved.
The crown was a little nerve wracking, as it needed concentration and I was trying really hard to do with kids about. But I think it turned out really wel

Wrenna I knit this in an afternoon -yes an afternoon!!!
when I was first recovering from the flu. It was another stashbusting exercise with a cone of como from coldspring mill. The trouble was I really didnt fancy the lacing. I tried it on and then chucked it on the bedroom floor where it stayed for several weeks whilst I looked for inspiration. It came in the form of a blast of cold air. I really needed something warm to wear to work. Two minutes before I left the house I raided my button collection. A button from my grandmother's raincoat is just perfect.

Then came Lush and Lacey A saga and half. I bought the yarn, Mission Falls when I was visting my cousin in Canada.

I ran out with 8 rows to go. Luckily a wonderful friend in Canada Nan came to my rescue and popped another ball in the post. I love this cardigan, it is warm, sexy, and the colour is probably the most delicious in the whole spectrum.

The last knitting for this post though not everything I have done(there has been some xmas stuff as well is Entrechat The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica. The colours are just amazing!

I fell in love with it when I was at Harrogate. It has turned out ok but I don't think I will knit in it again as it is spun to a thread in places which isn't that enjoyable to knit and I am also not sure how long the shrug will last

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