Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year – Resolving to do better.

Like most of England we have been lucky to have a proper white Christmas.By Boxing Day I was ready for a change of scene and Mario suggested a trip out. This involved a lovely walk at Oakwell Hall , a place very close to my heart as we got married there .We weren't organised enough to take our sledge though we had fun measuring ourselves against the sheep. Everyone agreed he seemed much larger last time we visited. It was fun running about and watching all of the dogs running about catching snowballs.

This year I managed to get all of my gifts made including a cardigan for my mum. Slippers for J. A shrug for the little blue tortoise and two little Alan Dart gnomes.( if you are wondering about the lack of photo's they seem to have disappeared from my camera so I will have to accost the recipients and get some more sometime in the new year). I also managed sweater for me and it was all done without me having to issue any IOUs .Which hasn't happened for many a long year!

For me I made Aaren by Kim Hargreaves. I made it in stashed Cashmerino Aran from Coldspring.I had in mind I would like to wear it for Christmas day but it was such a large garment I didn't really think it possible. It took three weeks of continuous knitting but, I finished it with a week to spare and I love it. I forgot how much I love making cables. How satisfying they are to make. What enjoyment I derive as each one comes to fruition. In 2009 I joined the NaSweMODo on Ravelry in April. The idea is that you make an adult sized garment a month .Aaren was my number 12. I am joining again this year but, there will be more cabled projects for 2010. So one of my resolutions for this year is more cables! I have also realised how little I have blogged this year. Ok I am never going to be an everyday blogger, life is just too busy this year I haven't even managed once a week! I am hoping this will also change. Father Christmas brought me a shiny new lap top. As my old one was without a space bar for the last few months of its life typing on this is a dream. It also came with office 2007 this has a blog feature in word which I am giving a whirl with this post . Well that is me for this year. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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