Sunday, January 03, 2010

Blue Danube

I hope you have you have all had a great New Year and have now recovered. Mine was drunken spent with family and friends and ended at 2.00 am. It seems that I am really to old for that time of the morning as I have spent the last couple of days out of routine with my sleep and feeling exhausted. Perhaps I should make a note that next year if I don't want to waste a couple of days I should probably be tucked up with cocoa by ten!
I have this year continued with the tradition of casting on a sweater Christmas Day. I was a little bit undecided which sweater it should be as the yarn I got as a present still hasn't arrived from Canada. But I finally decided on Ysolda Teague's Snow white. I have really wanted this sweater since I first saw it a couple of years ago but it kept being pushed to the back of the queue. The amount of snow that is covering Yorkshire at the moment it seemed like the obvious choice The yarn choice was a saga. I reeally wanted to do it in Sundara Aran but I decided it would cost too much and getting it from America would probably be a hassle. So instead I ordered via a shade card at my local LYS Rhubarb Sublime Cashmere and silk Aran. It arrived and was hideous a violent fuchsia colour that I was never going to wear. Back it went with me paying postage costs and Clipper arrived. It is not the most awe inspiring colour ever but I will wear it. Note to self though, with the extra postage costs the sundara would have cost the same!!!
Snow White was a wonderful quick knit and the pattern was completely straight forward as is the way of all Ysolda's patterns. I was a little undecided about the flat piece of stocking stitch that the original had at the back of the neck.
So as I have decided that 2010 is the year of the cable I have added a couple to the back of the neck. It kind of reminds me of a river the way that the rib undulates around the body. It was a bit of a gamble that the cables would work but, I am very pleased with the outcome
Needles 4.5mm
Yarn Sublime Cashmere Silk Merino Aran 8.5 balls
Time 8 days


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