Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Acres and acres of blue.

Last summer Oriana and Inigo grew out of the school sweaters that I made many years ago so being a good mummy I asked if they wanted me to make them new ones. They didn't. They wanted bought ones, the same as their friends. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, rushed to the well known clothes store beginning with M for the said sweaters. This was good, no scratchy utilitarian yarn and more time to knit things for me. Then the snow came. The complaints rolled in, the bought ones weren't warm enough. They weren't as nice as mummy's and really it was too bad mummy had bought sweaters when she can knit and should have made them. What was I to do, the guilt trip worked. I ordered the yarn all 1200grams of it and started knitting. Two backs, two fronts and last but not least four sleeves. I have to say I am feeling less than enthusiastic about the project but I will keep going, trying to be a good mummy and keep my children happy!

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