Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gambling with needle and thread.

Hello my lovelies,
how are you?
This week I have been dusting off my sewing skills.
Way back in November I visited the Harrogate show and fell in love with a cute little short sleeve blouse that was highlighting a fabric at one of the stalls. It was trimmed with pink around the button bands and the bottom of the blouse. It was the flowers that I really wanted. I absolutely love the fabric it is so pretty and femmine and it goes with everything including my table cloth. The chap behind the counter didn't have anything that would do for the pink. But I figured I could get something that would do. He didn't know which pattern had been used but assured me that the metre of the flower fabric that he had left would be enough to make me a replica. Hmmmm.

I found a pattern last week not exactly the same but similar. And picked up some pink to trim it with. Then I read the instructions carefully. It should take 130cm for the smallest size, so much for a metre! I think I could probably do with the next size up but, with some very strategic pattern maneuvering, I managed to cut out the smallest ( Elenya maybe getting a blouse). All of the lovely pink trim around the bottom and button band that was used on the original is out as I definitely didn't have enough for the extra seam allowances. It is far too cold here to wear anything like this at the moment which is actually quite nice as it means that I don't feel pressurised to finish and I can take my time with it. Though I still would love for it to have sleeves by next week.

Arianwen xxx

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