Sunday, March 20, 2011

Off the hook

funny how fast Sunday evening comes around, it doesn't seem like five minutes since Friday evening! I would love to say that I accomplished all that I set out to do this week but the truth is I really didn't. We have had a house guest which has been fun, and completely different from the usual week. But the result is that my blouse is still without sleeves. The DPNs that I ordered to finish off the sleeves for my Crocus Cardigan haven't arrived yet so it has joined the UFO's in the corner of the front room.
It has also been a stressful week because of one thing and another so I was looking to do something mindless, stash busting and of course quick!. A month or so ago I joined a cowl exchange and fell in love with the pattern for Martha. If you look on Ravelry you will seen a pale pink cashmerino version that really swayed it for me. But, it was unavailable and I didn't feel I had enough time to work out the pattern before posting, so I settled on something else a noble cowl. It took a couple of balls of rowan calmer. Though with hindsight I think I might of done it on a bigger needle so that that effect was a little floppier!
I was pleased with how it turned out though I still really wanted to make a Martha. I had just about decided to make it up completely when at the beginning of the week I came across a Lion Brand Scarf pattern which is basically the same thing only available and free!

I love the colour of this it is a couple of unlabeled balls of rowan calmer that I had in my stash forever!.
My version has ended up with a couple of twists in it because I really wasn't concentrating when I joined my chain. I am going to tell you that this was on purpose as I actually think that it has added to the charm of the cowl. Though I really do think that the little flower makes it. Super simple too. I can see them being really good as little brooches or hair slides for my girls when I actually start stash busting the Rowan cotton:)

Arianwen xx

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