Monday, September 03, 2012

The Last Day of Summer

2012-09-03 13.50.33

well that is it. The last day of the summer holidays is drawing to a close. We have spent it biking on the rec and then playing in the sunshine at the local park. 2012-09-03 15.23.17 I have to say we are very lucky as it has just been restored and even if it hadn't just look at those views.
2012-09-03 15.23.55
We have a wonderful summer and I have had a very industrious last week of freedom. There has been knitting! Lillian is again on the needles.
2012-09-01 15.57.45A mystery booknits shawl has be cast on. The title of it is out of the darkness and I have again put my dyeing hat on.
2012-09-02 10.37.50
Dyeing it slowing with a paintbrush at every stage. The first colour change is a little more stripey than I wanted but, I will hopefully be able to change that later. I do love the way the beads sparkle on the newly dyed yarn.
The other knitting has been this
2012-08-28 18.28.10 The RowanTree Forum on Rav are designing our own blanket. This is my first block that I have designed for it I hope to have another up my sleeve plus of course all the other blocks that my friends have designed.

I hope you enjoy your first week back at school and I will see you next week.

Arianwen xx

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