Sunday, August 26, 2012

Say Something Sunday

Hello, Yes I know it has been a while, I just haven't been very motivated with anything much except children and their activities. I also hadn't realised how stressful it is waiting for Exam results. For those of you who haven't got children at the exam stage of life it is far, far more stressful than your own! Lilian seems to have been mislaid it has been so long since I have done any on it. Anyway in order to try and get myself into the swing of things again I have decided to re-instate Say Something Sundays, well for this week at any rate! So I am going to show you Emilie I finished it months ago and have worn it lots.
Truly Scrumptious Emilie
I have to say the pattern is lovely and I would definately make it again. But the yarn really isn't as good quality as you would expect for the price. The colour is fantastic and seems to go with lots in my wardrobe but it has pilled quite badly so I guess should of kept it for high days and holidays this really is a shame as I have enough in a gorgeous purpley blue to make something else and I was hoping for Challow which really is an everyday kinda sweater!
Anyway enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend
Arianwen xx

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