Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking a Trip on the Scrappy Band Wagon

When I first started quilting, I signed up to make a trip around the world quilt top at my local adult ed. I bought meters of lovely pink fabrics and looked forward to the course. Just before the day, the course was cancelled. The fabrics were used for other quilts and time moved on.
I have always fancied making a trip around the world, the one that got away..... Now blog land is a dangerous place. One little blog post here then I discussed with various quilty friends and then another post here and so many lovely ones here. I just couldn't resist any longer.

I rummaged through all of my scraps, beautiful fabrics from my mum's trips to Canada and some wonderful ones from my favourite shop in Brugge Delander.
Scrappy trip around the world

It is so simple you cut your fabric into 2.5" strips then sew them together in a row of six. It is suggested that you cut your strips 16" long I have made mine 17" just to make allowances for wonky seams.

Scrappy trip around the world

Then you sew the first to the last making a tube, cutting this into 2.5" rings.
Scrappy trip around the world

You then unpick the tubes at varying intervals so that your fabrics "step". I seem to struggle with this so keep having to sew my tubes back up but eventually you end up with pretty blocks. I am up to 10 blocks and I think you will have to agree they are looking pretty!

Till next time
Arianwen x

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