Sunday, November 08, 2015

I Found My Mojo In A Bag Of Sock Yarn

Hello did you miss me? I missed you!
I think seven months is the longest I have ever been away from my little blog but it turned out that I had nothing to say. After I knit my Snowflower sweater, way back in March, I was full of enthusiasm and ideas and then all of a sudden I wasn't. Nothing on Ravelry or in blog land inspired me. I cast on a Cardigan in June but after the ribbing it just languished in a corner I came home empty handed from both Woolfest and Yarndale. I was actually considering sending my stash to the local charity shop (I know right? Definitely odd behaviour).

Anyway towards the end of September my mum decided she was having a clear out. When she retired a couple of years back she had thought about learning to knit, it never happened ( it turns out she is too busy to ever sit down and learn). So she came and dumped all of her yarn on me. There were lots of random bits and pieces but down at the bottom of the bag was a very basic sock book and a ball of Patons North American Classic Wool Worsted. I think I might of bought them for her on a trip to Canada but I can't be certain.

They were quick! Really quick! A sock a day, so much fun, lovely cosy socks. I raided her oddments and created another pair using up every scrap of the ball.

They are not my usual colour choice, but I will gift them back to my mum as a little something for her Christmas stocking. With every stitch my mojo returned.

I have sorted all of my yarn; cast off my cardigan and begun a journey into the world of hats. All stories for another day so till then

enjoy your crafting

A x

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