Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mine for a minute!


so my day 4 project was super quick. The fabric was a remnant from Fabworks so probably cost less then £2.00 and because I have made so many Renfrew on the sewing machine this one, done on the overlocker, was done in less than a couple of hours. I tried it on and left it on the side to get some photos taken today.

E then spotted it this morning,
E:" is that unicorn fabric?" .

Me:"No it horses"

E" Can I try it on?"
E"oh it is lovely, looks like it comes from Joules"

Hmm I think high praise indeed! " Do you want it?"


So quick to do and quick to go!
It suits her, but  the next version will be mine:)

Today I am making Rooiboos. I have had the pattern for about 3 years and the linen for even longer, I think I bought it on the local market but I can't be certain. When I pulled it out a couple days ago I was hoping for sunshine hence the linen. It has a lot of pieces so I am thinking it might not be finished in one day.

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