Monday, February 15, 2016

The Kate Dress.

so are you ready for day 2?
I need to apologise again for the quality of the photos! You will be able to tell which pics I took and which ones my family did for me it seems they like me better in soft focus!

So let me just start by saying how much everyone loves this fabric, especially the men in the house. M even asked where I got it, there has never been that much interest in any fabric or fibre before ever!

Then there is the dress - unfortunately nobody, but me, likes this at all!

The pattern:- the nice lady at Harrogate told me that the sizes of all of her things were similar to white stuff. I went one size up from what I usually wear from them just in case and then I ended up having to prune the sides so it was a lot less sack like. So I think she was right :)

The pattern itself was supposed to be for a beginner, but the pattern markings were a bit lacking. I put all of the markings on, but missed the darts, only realising there were darts when it told me to stitch them (always a good idea to read the whole thing through before you start).

A shame as it then mucked up my pattern matching. Luckily the back matches perfectly or I think it would of gone to the bin ( I am a little repressed when it comes to matching stuff)

I don't think for me that the darts really added anything, they seem to sit a little low and I couldn't really work out how to fix this without re cutting the front. Maybe if I was bigger busted, they would of been more use, So if I was doing it again I think would probably leave them out.

Those are the negatives but there are lots of positives yeah!

I love the bias hems, neck, sleeve and pocket they were super easy to do and they look lovely. Next time I might be tempted to add a little ric rac in there just for fun.

The pockets had a great step by step and they were also super easy to make. So cute hey?

I liked the top stitching down the back it is another cute detail.

This is obviously another dress for the weekend, super casual and perfect over jeans. I love it!

Today I am making yet another checked dress (by the end of this week you might think I am checked obsessed) this time it is
Francoise by Tilly and the Buttons.

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