Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ooo la la my Francoise dress

So are you ready for day 3?
Day 3 did not go exactly as planned. The fabric has been in stash since last summer I bought in Leeds Market. I bought it especially for this dress which is a bit surprising that it is actually being used.
1. because I usually forget and 2. I often go off fabric nearly as soon as I get it home.
Anyway I digress, I got up early and cut out my dress, making use of the dining room table before everyone else wanted it for breakfast.

I do love the Tilly and the Button Patterns they are so simple to use. Every instruction is perfect, ideal for a beginner or like me a lazy sewer who can't be bothered to think for themselves.

I really like all of the versions of Francoise especially the ones with a collar, unfortunately  mine was going to be collarless  not because I didn't want one, I did, but because I just couldn't find a fabric to contrast with the checks and believe me I had looked pretty much everywhere I could think of including in my stash!

I was almost ready to start sewing I just needed to cut the interfacing. Now I have had a de-cluttering in the last week or so and I am sure I had some left, black and white, but I have no idea what I have done with it.

So as soon as the shops opened, off to town I went. I had a wander around the market as Monday is fabric day but came away empty handed. Then I went to my local sewing shop to pick up the interfacing, when I spotted the perfect contrast fabric, the perfect collar. So lovely and purple!!

So my sewing day went on later than I was expecting as I was so late starting and none of the day's housework jobs have been done. Nevertheless  my dress now has a collar and I think  it adds certain adds a certain something and I love it!

Today I am sewing Renfrew. I have made several of these over the last couple of months for my mum. This one is going to be for me!

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