Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spotty Loveliness!

Well as promised here is the update! I finished day one of my challenge and it went pretty well! As I said I found the fabric on Ebay which means that you don't get to feel the quality. Luckily the fabric is pretty nice! I do love this shade of green and the pattern reminds me of a Cath Kidstone bag that I had many moons ago.

I found the fabric a little tough to cut out it is a cotton and elastine mix so very sturdy! and the design is a screen print which was a bit annoying as of course the white background kept wanting to peep through where I had stitched:( But the actual dress?
I love it! I made again version C, but shortened the skirt by about 4 inches as the kids said the original was a bit frumpy. I also left off the ties as I never quite sure how to tie them and if you knot them they always make your cardi look a bit lumpy.
I whipped most of it up on the serger, which made it go pretty quickly. I have had my serger for quite a few years but haven't really made much use of it. A friend told me that it is great for jersey, which it is, but I am still learning all about it. So I was a bit Very over zealous with the seam allowances so the whole thing is pretty fitted making it a dress for weekend fun rather than work.

Not that I mind really, weekend fun is always good!

I ended up with quite a lot of fabric left from my two metres so I might be able to make a top. Today though I am going to be making Kate
in this cheerful stuff that I also picked up at Fabworks

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