Sunday, February 21, 2016

Viola, most sweet lady x

All of Sew me something's patterns are named for Shakespeare's heroines. Voila is no exception, though unlike Shakespeare's Viola, this one never wears trousers!
As I said, on Friday, Sarah and I picked up the pattern and fabric at the Harrogate show.
I decided to use the fabric I had bought, but Sarah decided to use some really pretty fabric her she was given for Christmas. My fabric was some kind of fluke, I loved the outer fabric but the co-ordinating fabric that I liked, there just wasn't enough of! So I walked away the chance of being to match with something else seemed unlikely, then I saw the grey at another stall an amazing, perfect match!
I decided to go a size smaller than I did with Kate , I also decided to ignore all of the pattern markings as I like traditional ones :)I was glad that I had, as they were marked up incorrectly and Sarah spent quite a bit of time unpicking!
Tip The back is bigger than the front. That is all you need to know!

However the this is a lovely skirt, with straight forward instructions and the two of us cracked them in super quick time! I loved the bias binding on the skirt so cute and so simple to do. I left it off the inner skirt, because as it was the same colour I didn't think it would add much, If I could of made it in a contrast I would of.

I worried that joining the two skirts together might of been ardours and stressful- it wasn't. The pattern told you wear to pivot and even though I hadn't added any markings, It was easy to do. It was really exciting when you went from two unfinished items to a really stylish, double sided, skirt. Woo hoo!

I had thought about covering buttons but realised that the skirts would be more comfortable with buttons that sat flat to the skirt. Anyway yesterday I popped to town just to see if I could find any buttons that might be ok. I didn't really have much faith that I would, but look at these babies? Totally perfect!

It is amazing how different our two skirts look. I love mine she is almost sombre, dark and perfect for work both in the winter and summer and I love Sarah's,

she reminds me of the seaside and promenading up and down the pier. Inspired by what we had made I went stash diving and came up with these.

The brown and aqua pieces I bought in Canada several years ago. I only have a metre of each don't have enough to make either layer and the red needed a friend, but a little trip to the doughty's road show yesterday I now see two more Viola in my future ( or maybe that is four).

Sadly that is the end of my lovely week off. I have made a dent in my fabric stash and tried out some new patterns. I have produced some lovely new pieces for my Wardrobe and E's. I have spent time wandering around blog land I am feeling inspired to try some new patterns and buy some new fabric. All ideas for another day.

So till then happy Stitching


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