Saturday, April 09, 2016

Fiascos and zips rarer than hens teeth

I have had two delicious weeks off and I honestly haven't been very productive. I have signed up for #mmmay16 and said that I will wear something handmade for every week day during May. Then I chucked out lots of stuff including things I have made. Which means if I don't get some serious making done, it might end up as a reenactment of the Emperors new clothes- Gulp!
So first the fiasco, as soon as I finished my last Viola skirt I cut out another one and then just left it in a heap in the corner of my dining room. Unfortunately when I got it back out this week I realised I had made a seriously rookie mistake. I had cut out a long and short front in one fabric and a short and a long back in the other. I managed to save the short skirt by recutting the back

but I have wrecked the longer skirt as not only did I have to recut it to the shorter length but I think I then also ended up cutting them both as fronts again as I cannot get the yoke to fit. What an idiot! 😞 hopefully I can buy another fabric at some point. For now though it is in the naughty corner.

Anyway the next project was this little bodice from the sewing bee book.
I don't actually own this book, I borrowed it from a friend but I actually think I might buy it as it has loads of cute patterns. I had the fabric in stash (it had been going to be an arielle skirt but it never happened).
I cut it all out and started putting together before I realised there might be a problem with the zip. I went to my local shop.
They didn't sell open 8"zips if any description. Online also seemed  that  most places didn't stock that size. I found one in eBay, navy, gold teeth,open,perfect! It arrived and it wasn't open, back to eBay I got a black one with silver teeth. I wasn't certain initially, but O loves it and I am happy with the end result. I pruned the seams in the size 8 and I think it worked really well at the front.
I could of gone in more at the back what do you think?

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