Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The words I love to hear!

Azrael photo bombing!

I have always knit and sewn for my brood. Having a girl and then boy/girl twins meant that there have always been lots of opportunities for all types of clothes and I have been lucky that they have always been really receptive to the idea of things made by Mama.  The trouble is for boys there comes a time where there is little to no choice in sewing patterns ( very little in the way of knitting either). So most of the more recent sewing has been for the girls. That is about to change as the boy is now 15 and fits comfortably into men's wear. Yippee!!

Just before the end of school he went rummaging in my fabric stash as he wanted something to cover his AMP . It isn't what I thought he would go for, it wasn't what I would of chosen indeed the fabric has been in my stash for at least a decade as it was bought for a disregarded project.

So off he went with the fabric and the scissors coming back a while later triumphant. Really proud of what he had accomplished  "Mum what do you think? I love it looks great!"

Then he said the words I love to hear...... " I'd love a shirt in that".   I literally rushed to find a pattern online before he changed his mind. I chose the Colette Negroni Pattern and traced out the small ( he is growing lots and honestly this size probably won't fit him for long.)

Now I had never made a man's shirt before indeed I hadn't really thought about the construction the yoke is very interesting. Fell seams were definitely a new one on me and I would definitely say I need more practice luckily the fabric hides a multitude of sins!

I had forgotten that I love the Colette patterns there is so much detail. My mum actually thought I was reading a book as the instructions were so comprehensive. Also the shirt has been made literally hundreds of times over the internet and there are lots of hacks out there which means it is never going to get boring. After I finished I found Male Pattern Boldness had done a sew along many moons ago with loads of info about shirt making. you can find it here
Don't you just love the red against the black and white?

I did fairly well on the pattern matching. The pockets are perfect although I didn't do the pocket flaps as one I thought the fabric too fussy to warrant them and two matching the pockets nearly drove me crazy!! The fronts aren't quite matched but again the fabric is so fussy I doubt anyone but me will notice.

The boy is very happy with it, I thought the fabric might be too warm for the summer but it travelled last week with him to Belgium . Worn by itself and with a tee-shirt underneath

Anyway until next time
A x

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