Monday, September 11, 2006

How I spent the weekend

Well here is a photo of the little christening suits that I have been busy with all weekend. They will be picked up this afternoon so I hope that they are liked. I have to say I dont think the trousers will be very comfortable as the fabric is a really scratchy bridal. oh well not my problem I supose. The other thing I have been busy with is spikey the hedgehog. I thought that he was dying yesterday as he caught a chill. We sorted that out with a towel , a hot water bottle and a sugar solution for him to drink. Today I realised that his leg still wasnt better even after a week of antibiotics and constant cleaning from me. So back to the vets we went and saw a lovely lady vet called abbi who lanced the abcess that he has had since last week and the other vet couldnt be bothered with. She got rid of his tick which I couldnt seem to shift and sexed him. It seems that spikey is a girl ..............maybe we should have called her something else!


  1. the suits are lovely!!! who are they for?
    I hope the hedgehog is better now (do you have it as a pet?)

  2. They are for a friends children she is having them christened on Sunday and it is fabric left over from her wedding dress. The hedgehog still isnt better but hopefully soon yes I guess you could say she is now a pet very tame will just sit in your hands and you can stroke her belly not exactly wild!

  3. I love your friend's idea of using fabric left over from the wedding dress for her children´s Christening... very sweet and emotional.
    I hope your hedgehog gets well soon! I would have never thought of having one as a pet!!! I´m sure your kids love her.


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