Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sleep Tight Amelie, Sleep Tight Morgane

My husband's cousin Vanessa and her husband wished and hoped for a baby for about 7 years. Then, when they had given up two little girls arrived at once. I decided last year in February that i would make them a quilt each - a scrap one. well I had scraps for the centre squares so then i bought the white to go with it. They looked so lovely that nothing else I had worked as a border so I had to wait until doughty's came in February for more fabrics. The butterflies are done using a stitch on my machine. They are supposed to take a minute each- nowhere does it say that it will take 10 mins to get the quilt into the frame each time or that each time you do it your hands will become more painful and will be bruised for a week. I think it was worth it as I love these quilts and will be taking them to Belgium tomorrow and giving them to the new owners.


  1. Well done Ari. they are beautiful.Look even better when seen"in the flesh". Hope they are appreciated. Have a good holiday

  2. absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm sure the baby girls will love the quilts (and so will their mum!!)
    Have a wonderful holiday in Belgium!

  3. Just lovely, I envy you your talent when it comes to quilting. I am sure that the quilts will become family treasures. Your bruised hands would not have been in vain. Have a wonderful time in Belgium.

    (ps - I didn't make the little monkey, Julia at Little Cotton Rabbits did).

  4. They really are beautiful :-)

  5. Wow - I'm really impressed! Beautiful work.


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