Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The felted bag.


This was my project for the weekend. I enjoyed making it as it was pretty mindless (which is what I really need at the moment) and had the distinct advantage that it used a tonn of yarn. I am really trying to down size as I almost can't get into the box room for the inordinate amount of yarn and fabric that I own. It has to be said that the fabric is the biggest culprit but the yarn is bulkier.It was very quick to make. The body of it and the handle are knit then the flap is crocheted.

I would have completed it on Sunday except I couldn't find my 8mm crochet hook. Once I had felted it I put it in a dye bath to even out the colour in my impatience to see what it looked like I plunged my hands into the dye bath without gloves. The result being I have grape tinged hands and nails - very attractive! I think it has turned out very pretty but too big to post as a little extra! What about felting it again I hear you cry. Well it is also very heavy as I doubled the yarn up to get the speckled effect and I fear that if it is shrunk again it will make it to stiff. So as I have still more of this yarn I am going to try again. The last one was a pattern so although I am not going to follow that again I shall use the principles just making it just a little smaller.

Dyed and Dried!

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