Friday, June 29, 2007

My exchange gift is finished.

I finished it all yesterday so quite pleased with myself as I am ahead of the deadline. The bag that I eventually made didn't need felting as it is a perfect size to go over your arm so I left it as it was. It seems to have been popular around this house both daughters have made a play for it and Elenya has put an order in for one of her own. I just hope I can remember how to do it. It may require another trip to coldspring mill as I am out of the relevant yarn. There is a postal strike here today so, unfortunately it wont be leaving here until monday. Hopefully it will arrive with it's new owner by the end of next week.
My needles haven't rested I have cast on the back for Dandelion from Rowan 41 on wednesday evening and am half way up the back. It is in a colour called Diana which I have had in my stash for about 7 years. I bought it to make something for the eldest daughter when she was little and then decided I didn't really love the colour. However it is a perfect match for a summer skirt that I am making so I shall try and finish them in time for the glorious summer weather that we are definately due.

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