Monday, June 04, 2007

We have been burgled!

Just to let you all know I wont be here for a little while. We went away for the weekend and came home to find that some b***** has been shopping in our house! They have stolen computers, and camera as well as numerous other things. It is all very upsetting and stressful. They made my children cry and make me feel unsafe in my own home. Tomorrow the loss adjusters come - I am not sure exactly sure what this will entail but hopefully it will soon be a chapter closed.


  1. Arianwen: I don't have the words to say how shocked I am that this has happened to you. Having never been in this situation I can only send you hugs and prayers. I can only imagine the fear and outrage you must be going through. I hope they are caught and that your stolen items returned.

  2. What an awful thing to have happened. I hope you can get the loss adjuster side sorted out quickly and get back to normal soon.


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