Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Rowan Exchange!

The info about the Rowan Exchange came through last week. This time a blog has been recorded in the person's details, and I have taken to lurking on a new site, very difficult for me as I feel I have to comment on everything! The information I have is that I am working for the season Autumn and the person likes socks. I feel a bit of a fraud giving socks as a present so I really have my fingers crossed on this one. The pattern I have chosen is a Heartstrings pattern, Beaded swirl socks. I thought the lorna's laces yarn in red rover looked most like Autumn leaves. The beads are a Rowan bead in a copper colour. The person I am knitting for has got larger feet than me so I have had to ask around to find a friend with the right size feet. I just found such a person ( a real friend she just measured her feet on the doorstep!)so I now have the measurements and am ready to go.I am really looking forward to starting these but the first job is winding the skeins into balls Urgh!

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