Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Duckling becomes a Swan.

Well I have caught up and passed the finish line. I finished knitting the MS3 monday night and up until the last stitch I really didn't like it. I had decided to do the wing as I wanted to follow the mystery to the end, also I knew if I had to knit the same again I would be shoving it in a drawer. I knew I had learnt alot. When I started it I could manage ten rows in a room by myself,in perfect silence. Then it got easy enough that I could do it in company. I had enjoyed the experience it is wonderful to check in with several thousand people every day and all be doing the same thing.
I have done lace patterns before but, I haven't done lace. So last night was my first blocking adventure it was a bit of a nightmare as I couldn't find my pins and I was blocking onto a towel. It still isn't perfect, I might have to get the iron out later. I have to say it was worth it because by the time the stole was stretched out flat on my floor I was in love. The pattern is unusual and probably not what I would have chosed but, it is so delicate I can't wait for an occasion to wear it.


  1. Your stole looks so lovely! What a great picture, showing it with the sun shining through and your yarn behind it!

    Enjoy wearing it.

  2. Beautiful Arianwen - I'm still working through mine - I think I'm deliberately slowing down to try to eke out this final clue!

    Lovely picture as well.

  3. I love your stole and well done for finishing it!!

  4. It's beautiful. Congratulations too on making your first lace item ;-)

  5. I looks just lovely. Even though I bought the yarn I never did knit it.
    I have signed up for Secret Beaded Stole sign up on Yahoo, it begins on October 5 and ends in time for New Years.

    (if you're interested)

  6. Your stole is gorgeous!!!! I loved it from the beginning but I was like you. At the beginning I couldn't be in the same room with anyone by the time I finished it I was knitting while talking AND watching TV!!!! Your grass is so beautiful as well. We are in a drought here and all my grass is dusty and brown. Now about what I'm going to knit out of Victorian Lace Today. I'm really not sure. I'd love to do a group thing.

  7. It is very beautiful. I too have mixed feelinga about the design -am probably never going to make it. Too much in love with Victian Lace Today to do it.
    Thanks for the comment in my blog. The gosth was very proud! Guess he was too used to my "watch out that's my kntting"

  8. I promise this time I will complete it too.


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