Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Duckling becomes a Swan.

Well I have caught up and passed the finish line. I finished knitting the MS3 monday night and up until the last stitch I really didn't like it. I had decided to do the wing as I wanted to follow the mystery to the end, also I knew if I had to knit the same again I would be shoving it in a drawer. I knew I had learnt alot. When I started it I could manage ten rows in a room by myself,in perfect silence. Then it got easy enough that I could do it in company. I had enjoyed the experience it is wonderful to check in with several thousand people every day and all be doing the same thing.
I have done lace patterns before but, I haven't done lace. So last night was my first blocking adventure it was a bit of a nightmare as I couldn't find my pins and I was blocking onto a towel. It still isn't perfect, I might have to get the iron out later. I have to say it was worth it because by the time the stole was stretched out flat on my floor I was in love. The pattern is unusual and probably not what I would have chosed but, it is so delicate I can't wait for an occasion to wear it.

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