Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Pink Post.

First things first. I won!! KnitYoga had a competion on her blog and I won this really cute little pin. I thought the little figures were metal when I first looked but they are really stiffened felt embellished with beads and sequins. Very sweet I can't wait to wear it.
Carolyns shawl was finished last night as you can see it has at least one admirer ( just as well she likes cats!) The picture with Tigger is a truer version of the colour.

Ok, it is official I think I have a lace addiction. MS3 is drawing to a close and I really have enjoyed doing it. Knitlesstolife told me about this Secret of the Stole if you are interested it starts October 5th
so I have signed up for that and I have also joined The victorian lace today group
which brings me neatly to my next bit of news. My mum gave me money for my birthday as this is all the lovely loot that I got.

I love the Britanny needles and am trying to collect a whole set though they seem quite fragile next to metal ones infact, Oriana stepped on my knitting bag just after I finished my stole and the 3.5 now have a crack in them. The heere be dragone shawl was mentioned whilst I was doing the MS3 and as we all like dragons in this house I decided I just had to have the pattern. I am now looking around for a bright red suitable for a dragon. The Victorian lace today has such beautiful patterns I am just drooling over them all. Elenya asked me how many shawls I need. The answer of course is none but who can resist?


  1. A belated Happy Birthday! I love that Dragon shawl and bought the pattern and yarn a year ago - I really must put the two together and start it! I bought red Kauni lacweight from

  2. Belated Birthday wishes!

    I've also got VLT but haven't been brave enough to make anything from it yet.

  3. Happy to have you aboard the Secret of the Stole group!

  4. The shawl is beautiful, such a pretty colour and yes, I think lace is addictive. There is something so soothing about knitting lace.

  5. I love your little pin prize! And thank you for the info on Secret of the sounds just the thing for after MS3.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog... Poppy and Eloise are both newly started and Eloise is very nearly finished. Florence and the scarf were both started and finished during this holiday.

  6. Lots of beautiful things, you lucky thing!
    Love the photos of Tigger on the shawl, he's so cute :-)

  7. Happy (late) birthday!

    Gorgeous mystery stole (and what a good way to photograph it)! I've been coveting everything in VLT too, but I haven't cast on anything yet.

    I think I've made the pi shawl, or one very similar. Is it from Weekend Knitting?

  8. heather8:54 am

    Love the colour ! I wish I had a lace addiction but I'm just so rubbish at it :0( So are you going to work your way through the whole of VLT ??

  9. The marshmallows are brilliant Arianwen, very dangerous indeed.

  10. Yarn for SotS - I Lorna Laces' in a lovely soft pink and I am dying to drying Brian Rose lace weight in a gorgeous red - I have both pink and red beads in the stash. I am probably going with Brian Rose - I think I'm a little to old to pull off soft pink.


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