Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Wonderful Week in Wales

We, being the five of us and my mum, have just had the most wonderful week. It is the fourth time we have been and each time we have stayed in the same cottage. Unfortunately (for us)the cottage is going to be lived in permanantly so we will be staying somewhere else next year. we have all come home totally rested. We spent several days on Aberdovey beach in both good and bad weather the kids have become crabbing fiends- they just love it. we also visted the Animalarium there were loads of pets that had been abandoned on the 29th July i.e the start of the school holidays. I could have come home with lots of lovely rabbits, guinea pigs, raccons and especially this little guy.

He was kept in a garage for the first year of his life so can't speak but was totally up for being cuddled and fussed. I am not usually a bird person but he really was cute.
We also had a wonderful day in Portmerion. we walked miles, the little village is lovely but the woodlands surrounding it are just gorgeous they have rhodiendron bushes as large as trees amazing.

Mystery Shawl becomes Swan Lake
The other good thing about a week away was the amount of knitting I got done. I finished clues 4,5 and 6. It was revealed at the beginning of clue 5 that the theme was Swan lake.of course mine is grey so more ugly duckling!

Pretty Pink PI Shawl
I also started this pi shawl I made two last year one for me and one for the Rowan knitting exchange. This one is for my oldest virtual friend Carolyn. She knows that she is getting it as she chose the wool and then sent it from canada to me to knit up. I am knitting it on 8mm rather than the 6.5mm that it suggested on the pattern and the effect is more dramatic. The photo doesn't do the colour justice it is a proper barbie pink very lovely

Sorry to you all for having to scroll down so far, I am sure blogger used to wrap text around the pics but it doesn't seem to anymore.

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