Sunday, September 09, 2007

The last couple of weeks.

The time has just sped by. I realised that the blue acrylic left over from Oriana's school cardigan had been breeding in the back of the cupboard. So I made Inigo a tank top. I still haven't used it all up so what exactly I was thinking when I bought it I just dont know. We spent the last day of the holidays at flamingo land which was lovely. It was a grey day when we set out. I think a lot of people had stayed home so the queues weren't too bad. Elenya is tall enough to do all of the rides but the littleuns were about 3 inches to short for many things which was a bit frustrating for them though they found lots to keep them amused.

The children went back to school on Tuesday. Because it was E's first day at high school Mario took the day off. We spent the day wandering around Borders. Very agreeable!
I started making my first christmas present-very organised this year. Shame I can't show you!


  1. Well done you for being organised on Christmas presents so early! I'm still hoping for some inspiration...

    The children look lovely all ready for school in their tops!

  2. Back to school is so exciting! I'm impressed that you're tackling Christmas knitting already - I need to get started on this, too. :0)

  3. Wow, Christmas knitting already, very impressive. They look lovely all ready for school.


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